Ufa State Aviation Technical University

The Ufa State Aviation Technical University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Russia and is committed to continuing world known traditions of Russian Aviation. The USATU prides itself on being the only university of Bashkortostan region for students looking for quality aviation engineering instruction and bachelor / master / Phd. / associate academic degree programs from a nationally known institution (5-th in Russian top-university ranking).Ufa-State-Aviation-Technical-University-2

As a part of the university’s 6 campuses located in the region, the USATU has provided quality aviation education since 1932.

With the prime focus on aerospace engineering area USATU offers training on a wide range of technology-oriented fields. Rigorous (non-flight) academic programs equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to work and succeed in aerospace, automotive, computer, nanotechnology, communications and other high-tech industries.

In addition to being close to polytechnic-oriented, USATU offers academic degree concentration programs with a strong business focus to function efficiently in the business world of aviation or other related jobs. The USATU has strong long-term partnerships with business in the region, country and abroad.

USATU - Main building

Whether students are interested in computer science or aerospace engineering, electronics or mechanics, the engineering/technology and other academic directions at USATU offer a diverse range of specializations (more than 60) to choose from. Most engineering degrees are also likely to lead to strong employment prospects, as global demand for engineering and technology graduates continues to rise.

The USATU subscribes to the highest standards of Russian academic rigor, safety and quality standards. USATU’s degree concentration programs are accredited by the national Education Ministry – the only specialized accrediting agency responsible for academic accreditation of educational programs in Russia.

Being the only university in the Bashkortostan region dedicated to advancing aviation engineering USATU is strongly equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and numerous labs.

USATU is committed to international education standards through the creation of world changing research, high quality inspirational teaching and presents industry relevant programs to meet and solve society needs.

USATU offers a unique learning experience for motivated individuals from all backgrounds and cultures, and from every part of the globe.