Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russian Federation and the center of medical and pharmaceutical science of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It was established by the Decree of the Council of Peoples’ Commissars in 1932. Institution opened its doors on 15th of November, 1932 under the name of Bashkir Medical Institute.

At first there was only one faculty – Faculty of General Medicine. In 1961 Faculty of Pediatrics was created, in 1970 – Faculty of Preventive Medicine (later renamed to Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Microbiology), in 1976 – Faculty of Dentistry, in 1981 – Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2006 Faculty of Nursing was introduced.

In 1995, Bashkir State Medical Institute obtained status of University. In 2010 Ufa Medical College became a part of BSMU There are about 1000 faculty at the BSMU teaching over 8000 medical students within pre-freshmen training, undergraduate training, postgraduate training, internships, clinical residency, degree enhancement, requalification medical training, and PhD programs.


The university faculty consists of famous scholars and medical practitioners who are involved in teaching, medical and scientific activities. There are 85 theoretical and clinical departments with 248 Doctors of Sciences, 610 MDs involved in educational process. BSMU has 3 corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences (Professors V.N. Pavlov, V.M. Timerbulatov, and M.A. Kurtser), 7 members of the Republican Academy of Sciences (Professors M.T. Aznabaev, V.M. Timerbulatov, Sh.H. Gantsev, V.V. Plechev, A.B. Bakirov, V.G. Sakhautdinov, F. H. Kamilov).

Bashkir State Medical University has a university hospital, dental clinic, Central research laboratory, United Center of Simulation-based training, Cell Culture Laboratory, a large scientific library, sports facilities, four dormitories, a summer camp, and a sanatorium.

Today University is a big scientific establishment where fundamental, applied and methodical scientific research is carried out. Currently within Bashkir State Medical University distinguished scientific schools – schools of surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, dermatologists, biochemists, morphologists exist.

BSMU has extensive scientific contacts with many foreign higher educational institutions and is a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO). BSMU concluded about 30 Agreements of cooperation with foreign institutions, such as Harbin Medical University, Sichuan University, Heidelberg University, Regensburg University, University of Washington, Universities of former USSR countries. More than 400 foreign students from 28 countries study at the Bashkir State Medical University.

For more than 80 years BSMU has been successfully training specialists for health care, scientific and pedagogical work in the sphere of professional medical and pharmaceutical education of the Russian Federation. In that time about 37 000 physicians of different specialties graduated from Bashkir State Medical University