Ufa State Petroleum Technological University Courses

Engineer’s Degree (5 years)

Code Field Program
   Oil Mining Faculty
 21.05.03  Geological Exploration Techniques  Geophysical Methods of Well Logging
 21.05.02  Applied Geology  Geology of Oil and Gas
   Mechanical Faculty
 20.05.01  Fire Safety  Fire Safety

                                                         Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

Code Field Program
   Oil Mining Faculty (Petroleum Engineering Faculty)
05.03.01 Geology Geology
 21.03.01  Petroleum Engineering  Operation and Maintenance of Oil and Production Facilities

Operation and Maintenance of Gas and Gas Condensate Production Facilities and Subsurface Storages

Operation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Facilities for Arctic Shelf
Oil and Gas Well Drilling

   Pipeline Transportation Faculty
 21.03.01  Petroleum Engineering Operation and Maintenance of Facilities for Oil, Gas and Oil Products Transportation and Storage

Construction and Maintenance of Pipeline Transportation Systems


 13.03.01  Heat-and-Power Engineering  Industrial Heat Engineering
   Technological Faculty
 20.03.01  Technological and Environmental Safety  Safety of Technological Processes and Production
 18.03.02  Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology  Basic Processes of chemical Production and Chemical Cybernetics

Охрана окружающей среды и рациональное использование природных ресурсов

 18.03.01  Chemical Technology  Chemical Technology of Organic Substances

Chemical Technology of Natural Energy-carriers and Hydrocarbon Materials


 19.03.01  Biotechnology  Biotechnology
   Faculty of Architecture and Construction
 07.03.01  Architecture  Architecture
 08.03.01  Construction  Water Supply and Water Disposal

Highway Engineering

Civil and Industrial Engineering

Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures

Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation


   Institute of Economics
 38.03.02  Management  Production Management (in the Oil and Gas Industry)

Production Management (in the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry)

Project Control (in the Oil and Gas Industry)


 38.03.01  Economics  Economics of Enterprises and Institutions (in the Oil and Gas Industry)

Economics of Enterprises and Institutions (in Construction)

Accounting, Analysis and Audit

Tax and Taxation

Finance and Credit

Analysis and Management of Risks


   Mechanical Faculty
 15.03.02  Processing Machinery and Equipment  Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment

Oil and Gas Refining Equipment

Design of Technical and Technological Complexes


18.03.02 Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology Machinery and Devices of Chemical Production
15.03.01 Machine Building Welding Engineering Machinery and Techniques
20.03.01 Technical and Environmental Safety Emergency Security

Fire Safety


   Faculty of Industrial Processes Automation
 15.03.04  Automation of Technological Processes and Production   Automation of Technological Processes and Production (in the Oil and Gas Industry)

Automation of Technological Processes and Production (in Oil Refining and Petrochemistry)

 27.03.04  Control in Engineering Systems  Systems and Tools of Technological Processes Automation
 13.03.02  Electrical Engineering  Electrical Equipment and Facilities of Enterprises, Organizations and Institutions
09.03.01 Computer Science and Engineering Software of Computer Machinery and Automated Systems
   Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies
 42.03.01  Advertisement and Public Relations  Advertisement and Public Relations in the Relevant Industry



Postgraduate Programs:

  1. Organic Chemistry


  1. Petrochemistry (Engineering Sciences)
  2. Petrochemistry (Chemical Sciences)
  3. Mathematical and Quantum Chemistry
  4. Biotechnology (including Bionanotechnologies)
  5. Ecology (in Chemistry and Petrochemistry)
  6. Machines, Units and Processes (Mechanical Engineering in Oil Refining Industry)
  7. Machines, Units and Processes (Oil and Gas Industry)
  8. Information, Measuring and Control Systems (Engineering Sciences)
  9. Computer Elements, Devices and Control Systems
  10. Automation and Control of Technological Processes and Enterprises (Engineering Sciences)
  11. Mathematical Modeling, Digital Methods and Program Complexes
  12. Materials Science (Mechanical Engineering in Oil and Gas Industry)
  13. Process Chemistry of Fuels and High Energy Substances
  14. Processes and Equipment of Chemical Technologies
  15. Foundations and Underground Constructions
  16. Building Materials and Articles
  17. Construction Technologies and Materials
  18. Fire and Industrial Safety (Oil and Gas Industry)
  19. History of Science and Technology
  20. Industrial Economics and Management
  21. Ontology and Learning Theory
  22. Social Structure, Institutes and Processes
  23. Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Political Methodology
  24. Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies
  25. Geophysics and Geophysical Methods of Mineral Prospecting
  26. Geology, Oil and Gas Field Prospecting and Surveying
  27. Well Drilling and Completion
  28. Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation
  29. Construction and Operation of Oil/Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities