Ufa State Aviation Technical University Courses

  1. Aviation, Missile and Space Technologies
  2. Automation and Control
  3. MechanicalEngineering and Metal Processing
  4. Instrument Engineering
  5. Electronic Technology
  6. Radio Engineering and Communication
  7. Electromechanics
  8. Electrical Power Engineering
  9. Applied Mathematics
  10. Information Techniques and  Computer Engineering
  11. Economics and Management
  12. Life safety
  13. Material Forming and Materials Processing
  14. Creation of Nanomaterials
  15. Study of Properties and Characteristics  of new Naterials and Products
  16. Electrochemical and Cutting Machining of Metals
  17. Physical Metallurgy of Advanced Metals
  18. Telecommunication Technology
  19. Control and Information Science in Engineering Systems, Automated System and Computer Engineering
  20. Supercomputer Design
  21. Information-measuring Technology and Control and Automation Systems
  22. Design and Maintenance of Products and Management Systems Service of Compicated Technical Objects
  23. Design, Computer Aided Design of Aircraft Engine Assemblies and Components and Energy Equipment
  24. High-end Technology in Machine Building and Instrument-making
  25. Fundamental and Applied Problems of Deformable Body Mechanics and Structures
  26. Mathematical Physics, Group Analysis of Differential Equations
  27. Condensed Matter Physics
  28. Petroleum Engineering and Computer Modeling of Oil Production Processes
  29. Energy -resource Efficiency and Reasonable Environmental Management
  30. Environment Protection and Human Ecology
  31. Economy
  32. Management
  33. Business
  34. Finance
  35. Social Development