The system of education in Russia has considerably changed over the past five years. Universities have begun implementing a system similar to that of Britain and the USA: 4 years for a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years for a Master’s degree. These changes are still in progress; some universities offer the new system, others still work according to the prior 5-year system.

After completing higher education, one can pursue postgraduate studies (aspirantura in Russian), which takes three years. After the defence of the thesis, ‘Candidate of Science’ (or Kandidat nauk) degree is awarded. This is considered equivalent to the Ph.D. degree according to the American system.

There is one more scientific-degree in Russia higher than ‘Candidate of Science’. It is the ‘Doctor of Science’ (or Doktor nauk) degree. This postdoctoral education, known as doctorantura in Russian, takes three more years. The ‘Doctor of Science’ degree is awarded after defending the doctoral thesis.

In Russia, the duration of studies at the faculty of medicine or engineering depends upon the medium of instruction. The faculty with Russian language as the medium of instruction offers a study-program of seven years or five years in case of engineering, which includes one year training in Russian, at the preparatory faculty.

Here is details of Courses provided by Russian Universities,

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