Welcome to Study in Foreign Universities:

‘Renovatio’ Welcomes you!! Renovatio is a registered Russian based company. For years, we are helping international students to study in foreign Universities. It is one stop solution for international students to get admission in best foreign institutes. It is established by persons with a vast senior level working experience in many Universities of Russia to bridge gap between students aspiring for studies into which they seek admission.

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We provide all the services under one roof, from short listing right university to make university applications, liaising with universities on admission decisions, confirming admissions, visa guidance and other value added services including financial aid, education loans, accommodation, buying Forex & ticketing, which makes us well-known as full fledge facilitator for studying abroad.

Anthem Foreign Educational Consultancy Is Our registered consultancy in India. Our work in India is astonishing. Our employees, consultant and coordinators work with determination and spend all energy to provide best service to our clients.

Education In Russia:

For many decades, Russian medicine has been at the forefront of world science. Thanks to the outstanding physicians and researchers who have lived and worked in Russia over the years, the country is currently home to many good medical colleges and Universities. According to experts, some of these institutions, particularly their physiological and neurological programs, differ markedly from what is offered is in the West.

In recent years, Russian medical colleges / state medical university in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Ekaterinburg and other cities have been attracting a large number of foreign applicants.

The influx can be explained by the nature of Russian medical education, which is oriented toward a deep understanding the body’s processes, rather than individual symptoms or conditions.

In addition, medical colleges in Russia have reached a high level in terms of equipment and facilities, including advanced telecommunication and information systems, which allows for rapid progress in medical education, the expert pointed out.

MCI approved MBBS In Russia For Indian Students:

Due to low student ratio and high availability of seats in university is the main advantage of studying MBBS in Russia. In case of many Universities abroad, the seats for MBBS course often go untaken.

With a lot of students pursuing their MBBS degree from Russia there is good international exposure for the aspirants. Apart from that, it is the quality of education that matters a lot, the course taught here is up to date and most advanced one with practical training, apparatus and amenities.

Russian Universities Offer Numerous Benefits To The Students Some Of Which Include: 

  • You do not have to pay any kind of donation to the colleges..
  • There is no specified entrance exam for the courses.
  • The admission process is very easy which makes it perfect for the aspiring candidates.
  • The degrees have been validated by international organizations like WHO and UNESCO.
  • Broad exposure to the students which includes clinical practices and medical trainings.
  • Endless possibilities.
  • Low course fees.
  • Great accommodation facilities.
  • Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care.
  • Advanced teaching facilities.

The study Curriculum of Russian universities is recognized by MCI, WHO & other European Universities. The teaching way of Russian Universities is at par with any other Top Western Universities in US or UK.